Engelse brieven

maandag 16 januari 2017

We hebben contact gemaakt met een school in Canada!

Hier schrijven de kinderen brieven naar toe. Best moeilijk om een brief in het Engels te schrijven, maar wel erg leuk! Hier een paar voorbeelden

Dear pen pal Isaac Reynolds,

My name is Laura Schoterman, I’m 9 years old and is in Group 6. I live with my family in Klarenbeek . I have a mother, father and three brothers. Named Bart, Sjoerd and Teun. We celebrate Sinterklaas. That’s a big party for children. He comes with the Packet Boat 12, which is a steamer. He arrives around mid-November. We may every Saturday until 5 December put our shoe. Then he goes to Spain. On December 5, we celebrate Pakjesavond. It can also be previously. Now were going to Christmas. The sport that I really love is gymen. My favorite color is blue or red. I play basically no video games and I don’t know Harry Potter . But others do look in the Netherlands and read it. Yes, the card game Pokémon games is populair in Netherlands, but I don’t play it

Greeting Laura Schoterman

Hello Abby                                                                                                    14-12-2016


My name is Mark the Bone.

I live in a village called Klarenbeek. Which lies in the province of Gelderland.

I’m also in Klarenbeek school, the school is called The OBS DALK this is a public school every day I go by bike to school, this is 15 minutes bicycles. I am living just outside the village in a detached house.

I live with my father and my mother dog Snuf, Snuf is a sheepdog we are best friends together.

My hobbies are: quad cross, karate, fishing, racing with my controlled car (traxxas slash).

I have brown hair and blue eyes. Do you also soon Christmas holidays. I get Friday, December 23 holiday, I am two weeks off. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



Mark the Bone


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